Sargent Kit – EC155/EC51


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The kit contains a compact EC155 power supply unit and an EC51 control panel that is connected via a 5 metre length control lead.

The DIY harness simply plugs into the EC155 unit and provides the available 230V and 12V inputs and outputs for you to terminate into.

Also included are the fresh & waste water sensor harness, they both connect directly to the back of the EC51 control panel to show the levels of the fresh water tank and indicate when the water tank is full

You have the option of using one or both tanks

  • EC155 power supply unit
  • EC51 control panel
  • 5m length control lead
  • EC155 DIY 230v & 12v harness
  • Waste water harness
  • Fresh water harness
  • Waste tank sensor
  • Fresh tank sensor kit


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